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Most idle minds will find something to occupy their time like rock climbing, hang gliding, running marathons, sex, drugs, rock n roll, drinking, cooking, baking, T.V. watching, and creative writing....


God help the mind that chooses the latter!

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    About my creative writing... well, I'd been a closet writer for nearly my entire life (at least 35+ years). I always had visions that some day I would take that daring leap forward and present it to others, including my family. Yes, I even withheld it from them for many, many years. My vision certainly didn't entail my work being presented to the world as this approach potentially does. However, I hope to reach some sort of audience out there somewhere over the rainbow. I guess it’s time to come out of the writer's dungeon and see if there is a magical audience for my life's work. 


      I consider myself a creative writer, a novelist, a poet, and a typical, will-write-anything-for-any-reason, type of writer. I do not have a specific genre and I truly let the pen (proverbial) go wherever my mind takes it. I never seem to get writer's block, but I do tend to get lazy when it comes to finishing my creative writing works. Before, I would always let work, life, and play get in the road of my creative writing. That was probably because of the fear of failing and worse than that--the greater fear of succeeding. 


       For the last few years I've done my best to focus on it and make it one of the greater priorities in my life. This focus has helped me finish some of my long term epic novels. All of which are still far from the goal of being published, but for the most part they are completed (rough drafts that are somewhat "polished"). I'm in no great rush to be a published author because I just enjoy writing. Especially as much as I've been able to do it since I became semi-retired in late 2013. For all of what I’ve mentioned and what you see on these web pages I can’t thank my overly supportive wife enough. All the sacrifices she's made to help make this happen is beyond belief. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I love you and I hope that someday it will clearly show that it’s all been worth your/our sacrifices. If not, then that's okay because I can say with great pride that we took a stab at my craziest dream and found an audience for my work. If that is only a single person or a trillion, either scenario is pretty cool to me...



Short stint as a train conductor 2013

On this page you will find some of my work, mostly creative writing in the form of poetry or literature. The poems and stories have either been submitted for publication to literary magazines (online or print), entered into competitions, or other similar scenarios. I will try to ensure this information is reasonably kept up to date as well as inform you what pieces were rejected or accepted for publication. I hope you find some of the reading enjoyable, thought provoking, or at least engaging. I'd love to hear your feedback on anything you chose to read, no matter if it is good, bad, or in between. Your time is extremely valuable and I understand that better than you can imagine. With that said, I can't thank you enough for taking an interest in my work.


A Grubby Life...  



Where do you come from?

You’re here in front of me

Your music isn’t like the drum

The path you’ve made is to the sea


Cool and calm as an icy frond

The land drinks your liquid breeze

We both know you don’t abscond

From the trees shaking their leaves


If only I could have your conviction

And the life that you will always lead

Had you not fought the fury of friction

You’d have never been more than a seed


Time may take its toll on everything

That you’ve ever passed along the way

There is no song we can always sing

To ensure we see the final blessed day


I come to see the inside of myself

When there’s a chance to say hello

My hoarded thoughts are on the shelf

And at these meetings you only bellow


You’re babbling is an incessant boom

That soothes my unraveling sanity

If it weren’t for our occasional gloom

I’d have lost to the crush of banality


So hear me once again my truest friend

And let my words flow down with you

Take them to the unstoppable end

Making sure they never cause their rue


by A Grubby Life



Oh you hoar tinged trees

You trees with no leaves

Your limbs and boughs are bare

Clothes the season made you spare

Their naked rapt is hard to miss

Those bared bodies are easy to kiss


A copse is solely just a copse but

Any grove is deeper than the cut


Those nude masses stand so alone

Each one single tree is on its own

Together they are a very grand race

But singularly hold an equal grace

Fear is not something they know

Sun and shower makes them grow


Man is not always their kindest friend

He hews them down for his own end

Animals are no better forest mates

Mr. beaver savors their woody tastes

The grubs and peckers hole your pith

They never stop to hear your myth


I stare and wonder at your amazing sight

Hoping you’ll be covered for the night

A blanket of snow is far, far better

As winded thunder makes it wetter


Please try to take care of yourselves

Cuz long gone are the sprightly elves


Spring will correct this grievous wrong

For I feel this winter won’t be so long

Then I’ll see you in the sweet summer sun

And your leaves are no longer free to run


by A Grubby Life

I am, am I?


Am I gone in a blink?

Like the days of youth

Do I dare to wink?

Wouldn’t that hide the truth?


Am I here to live?

Like the deer or the bear

Is this an Earthly sieve?

Meant to lose its share


Am I here to die?

Like the sick and weak

Could you help me cry?

Or scream it’s brightly bleak


Am I?  I am…like everything

I’m nothing more

I’m nothing less

I was something more

I was something less

I am…am I?


by A Grubby Life

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