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What I've Done!?

It all began in a Hospital in Aurora, CO. From there I moved every year until my parents landed us on a farm in Sutherland, NE. I had my fourth through sixteenth birthdays on that tiny postage stamp sized acreage in the heartland. We lost the farm due to unfavorable economic conditions and moved to Front Royal, Virginia. I finished my senior year of high school in VA and got married a few years later, right before entering the U.S. Coast Guard. From there, I moved from VA, OR, Puerto Rico, DC, Staten Island, Long Island, Baton Rouge, RI, Oakland, CA and then on to Howard, CO. On October 1, 2013 I retired from the military. While living in Oakland I married my second wife Rachel and we had a baby boy who was born early 2014 (genome project #3). We moved from CO back to the West Coast so she could take a great job when the opportunity came to us out of the blue. Then Maine called and off we went. The high cost of living in the Bay Area, a drought, and too many people made the change an easy decision. A few years later, we added our latest addition, a baby girl (genome project #4). We're still getting back in the Northeast groove, but so far so good.

What is A Grubby Life?


       I'm certain that anyone who is taking their time to familiarize themselves with my online world is wondering about the domain name of A Grubby Well, they can guess it’s a play on my last name, but it’s also far more than that. I didn't choose The Grubby Life because I'm quite positive there are many of those out there. Meaning, there are many last names of Grubb as well as lives being lived well below the upper-crust and are grubbing out their livelihoods. As I grew up in the heartlands nothing could've been more true, dirt farm beginnings. In Virginia it was still mostly true as I worked at an old textile plant, a car dealership, and a posh horse farm (for very small pay) to name a few. When I joined the Coast Guard, the early years were certainly a continuance of A Grubby life. Eventually making rank took me further up towards that higher on the hog living, yet nothing more than a few inches from the bottom of the barrel. I was still living a very grubby life without a doubt. For my entire life I've been just fine with my status and stature. I fully embraced a (my) Grubby Life years ago on that farm and I will forever embrace it because that is what made me who I am.


     I also know that my grubby life is light years above that of my parents as their grubby lives were also exactly that, very grubby lives. When I came to think about answering the question of A Grubby Life to me it means; nothing fancy (at least no billion dollar mansion etc...), hard work, getting your hands dirty/grubby, loving unconditionally (most of the time), and doing far better than is expected of you.


    My Dad and Mom did this and I presume their parents before them, and so on and so forth. I've done fairly well up to this point and I've no doubt that all my genome projects will do just as well, if not better. A Grubby Life is me and I'm a Grubb that's damn proud of it. I always have been and I always will be proud to be a Grubb! Thank you Mom and Dad as I couldn't have gotten very far without the last name helps tremendously.


A Grubby Life   

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