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David Edward Grubb

Who is this guy?



Sex - Male 

Age - 46

Height - 5' 11"

Weight - 220lbs

Hair color - Brown

Eye color - Brown

Married with Children (4)

Retired Military Officer

Creative Writer

Stay at Home Parent/Dad (SAhP) or (SAhD)

ENG Major

MFA (creative writing)

Craft Beer Connoisseur


I'm just a regular guy who is living life to its fullest, well, not really but, hey, I'm doing my best. I'm a creative writer and a stay at home parent. I'm in my second round of child-rearing after a long, long hiatus (19 years between sons). I currently live with my wife Rachel, a handsome toddler, and an Aussie Doodle named Pardner in the Northeast. We did a two-year stint as full time RVers out of choice and not necessity or need. 400-426 sq ft wan't bad at all, well, most of the time :) The people you meet is what makes living in an fifth wheel a great experience.


At my father's commemorative tree on the Annandale Campus of NVCC

Letting the Tundra go to get the big Chevy diesel truck that can haul/tow the fifth wheel or the moon....

Introducing Pardner and our last humble abode on wheels!!!



My name is David Grubb and I’m a retired Chief Warrant Officer after twenty-two years of dedicated service from one of our Armed Forces. I am forty seven years old and I am married to my beautiful wife Rachel. She is nurse and we have a toddler aged son (genome project #3) and baby girl (genome project #4). My two older boys, Damien (genome project #1) and Dylan (genome project #2), from a former marriage are significantly in our lives, but do not currently live with us. We lived in a fifth wheel by choice for about two years, but moved to Maine at the end of 2015. We have an Aussie Doodle, that is about four-years-old, named Pardner. I have been a creative writer nearly all my life yet I never really focused on it because of my career and family. My level of rank in the service gave me a great deal of upper level professional writing experience. I hope to use my experiences and writing skills to become a professional writer at some level, but currently my publishing success is limited (see my news page). I'm also not in any rush for huge success, well, mostly...

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