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Spider Might

Instar is a cross spider who comes of web building age. Things don't go well when Instar's mother begins teaching her the art of spinning orb webs. Instar's wonderful spiral creations are destroyed by a human, a bird, and the wind. She becomes incredibly frustrated and wishes for super strong webs. She and a few friends contact a witch-like black widow, who gives them a potion that grants Instar's wish. Trouble ensues and she must find a way to reverse her indestructible webs and face what she's done.

scene 10 v2.jpg
scene 9 v2.jpg

Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers’ Favorite--5 Stars

A coming-of-age story with heart, Spider Might teaches a valuable lesson about respecting the environment and abiding by the rules of nature. Featuring spiders as the main characters, David Grubb weaves an enticing web of a tale that keeps you engaged and entertained from start to finish. The immensely likable characters are full of quirks. Their mischievous antics will make you laugh while giving you a lesson on exercising restraint over altering the surrounding environment, as even seemingly small changes can lead to heavy consequences. Instar is a precocious spiderling who wants to prove herself. Despite her innocent naivety that leads her to make some mistakes, you can't help but find her adorable. I especially enjoyed her relationships with her family and friends. This is the perfect adventure story for readers below the age of ten.

Reviewed by Astrid Iustulin for Readers’ Favorite--5 Stars

Spider Might is a fun and instructive story. Because of Instar's desire to make something that lasts, young readers will find it easy to relate to her — who did not dream of doing something like this as a child? This ambition teaches Instar and readers a valuable lesson. We must always think about the consequences of our actions and never attempt to break the rules of the natural world. David Grubb could not have made this point any clearer. The full-page images beautifully represent Instar, Old Exuvia, and all the other characters; you will love them. I heartily recommend this book to young readers who enjoy tales in which small creatures can teach them big lessons.

These are called the outlines, the illustrative pages before color was added to each one. They make great coloring pages, and I'd love to see any kiddo's rendition of these drafts who's willing to color them. Email your completed artworks to me via this website and I'll post some of my faves!

Happy Coloring, but more importantly, happy READING!!!

David Grubb (31-01-23) Outline - 02.jpg
David Grubb (31-01-23) Outline - 04.jpg
David Grubb (31-01-23) Outline - 05.jpg
David Grubb (31-01-23) Outline - 03.jpg
David Grubb (31-01-23) Outline - 06.jpg
David Grubb (31-01-23) Outline - 09.jpg
David Grubb (31-01-23) Outline - 07.jpg
David Grubb (31-01-23) Outline - 10.jpg
David Grubb (31-01-23) Outline - 08.jpg
David Grubb (31-01-23) Outline - 11.jpg
David Grubb (31-01-23) Outline - 12.jpg

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