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HALF DOME:  Because you're there!!!

You're probably wondering what this page is doing amongst the other pages of my blog/writing site. Well, it all can't be about that stuff and this is one of the many ways that I get my inspiration. Plus, I'm never going to take on Everest, K2, or the like. Other inspirational activities include; hunting, fishing, off roading, moutain/road biking, camping, swimming, traveling, and I have an immense passion for great craft beer. I don't home brew or quench my thirst in that manner. I just love drinking and talking about artisnal beer with like minded people. Another dream that's quietly simmering on the back burner is opening a tap house or similar establishment. Is Half Dome the most awesome thing I've ever done? No, not even close, but it is a must do and I highly recommend it.  


So, what does it take to get to the top of the infamous Half Dome in Yosemite National Park? Well, for this guy it took a great deal of preparation, planning, and luck. I learned of the trek to the top of the bald granit peak many, many years ago. I was never able to take on the adventure because I had never lived anywhere near California. When I was transferred to the Bay Area I decided it would be one of my goals. Hence, the preparationstarted and I learned of the new lottery system for obtaining a pass to access the infamous cables. The cables are up every year about March and taken down around October. The cables are the only way to access the top unless you're an avid rock climber. I was too late for the early season draw when I became serious about going up to the top. However, they do daily draws all season and I lucked out on my second attempt. This makes planning your outing an even greater challenge but, obviously, it's possible.  In short, to get to the top of Half Dome, because it's there, you must plan, prepare, and get damn lucky with the lottery!   

This fat chunk (marmot) lives on top of Half Dome. I'm not kidding....

The infamous cables of Half Dome. Going up....???

Other fromidible sights before the cables.

Some people (many) don't make it to the top for a lot of reasons. Fear of the cables is easily in the top 3... check out the book called Off The Wall: Death in Yosemite.

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